What Employees expect now from Employers?

The coronavirus has turned the world upside down. Lockdowns and curfews dominate the new coronavirus landscape. People are afraid to venture outside and so are employees fearing to return back to their workplaces shut by the virus. A new survey has showed that 93% of employees are wary of returning back to offices, while 99% employees want their company to be held accountable for their health under corporate health responsibility (CHR), on the lines of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives (quoted from the live mint).

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The virus has surely led to a rise in anxiety among the employees about their financial well-being. As a result, employees are more likely to expect that their employers have a responsibility to address their health and safety concerns. An analysis of pre-COVID-19 data from late 2019, compared to data from April 2020 reveals that 73 percent pre-COVID-19 versus 80 percent during COVID-19, particularly financial well-being ,40 percent pre-COVID-19 versus 47 percent during COVID-19, employees have an expectation from their employer. They point to employer-offered benefits and programs as a crucial way to ease their stress and improve their well-being both now and in the future.

While returning back to the workplaces, employees would expect their organisations to be compliant not only with the general health and safety conditions but also be anti-coronavirus compliant. Social distancing, sanitised workplaces, regular health check-ups are some of the measures every employee would expect their employers would undertake to wean off the anxiety of returning back to the workplace.

In the present scenario of uncertainty and freeze in hiring, employers should not just focus on the recruitment challenges but also address the employees’ concern as employee retention should be very crucial for each employer. They must consider providing a psychological and financial support to your employees, such as emergency assistance, additional insurance coverage, regular payroll payments. After all, employees are the most important resource in the organisation especially during the pandemic.

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