How to choose the right Recruitment agency?

Choosing the right recruitment agency in today’s time is difficult but of the utmost importance. A wrong choice can land you in unending contracts, payments and eventually the hiring of a candidate unsuitable for the job.

Let us list out the steps you should take before choosing a recruitment agency that meets your requirements.

Step 1 – Do your Research

Do the same research that you would do before hiring a Candidate. Check their background, experience and are they actually what they claim to be. Use their Social Media Pages and Website to verify.

Step 2 – Be clear about your Requirements

You should know what you want and should be able to convey the same to the agency. Do not choose the agency on what they offer, choose on whether you want what they offer.

Step 3 – Interview them as if you were interviewing a Candidate

Just like a Candidate, the agency is going to work for you and play an important role for your organisation. Hence, ask whatever doubts that come to your mind. Even ask about their past relationships, track record etc. and verify the same.

Step 4 – Do not get Confused

Many times, you may do a Competitor Analysis and you many other services and freebies offered by many agencies. Quantity doesn’t matter, go for the one that fulfils your requirements.

Step 5 – Tailor the Services to meet your needs

The top recruitment agencies are Client oriented and allow you to tailor their services to meet your needs. Find such agencies that provide tailored services built around your needs.

Why choose Aquarius Worldwide?

At, Aquarius Worldwide we offer customisable solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of client and have an active database of over 2 million resumes. We take care of the entire life cycle of Recruitment from Requirements to Hiring, so that your employees can perform other duties. Contact us to know more. We have ventured into HR solutions as well to provide a wholesome experience to our Clients.

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