Enhancing productivity during the pandemic

Employee productivity is a well-documented and researched area. Several articles and theories have been proposed to enhance productivity at the workplace. But, now is an unprecedented time. The novel coronavirus has altogether shut workplaces and have forced employees to work from home. While employers knew several ways to enhance productivity at the workplace, not much is known to the employers about enhancing productivity at home as the present situation is both unforeseen and unprecedented.

Hence, now, employers have to manage a team of people in different time and space on virtual platforms as against the conventional physical space. Achieving employee productivity in such a situation is difficult as it doesn’t allow employers to put all the employers in a defined working space and there are a number of variable factors to deal with. Nonetheless, organisations are coping with the recent trend of going completely online and finding ways to build and enhance employee productivity.

Some of the ways which can enhance employee productivity are-

  • Motivating and boosting the morale of the employees
  • Simulating the physical workspace online by building work policies for working online, building a strong virtual workspace infrastructure
  • Helping the employees achieve a clear work-life balance as it can be distorted due to the merging of work and home during the pandemic
  • Providing necessary training, if required, to equip all the employees in the organisation to go virtual

While these measures cannot ensure productivity at your workplace, it can ensure that the productivity levels do not go down.

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