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Executive Search Services Offered by Aquarius Worldwide

Recruiting for an open position is never easy. Days, weeks and months are often spent trying to find the perfect candidate for a job opening and this is if you have a common position open. What happens when you have a unique position open? A position that has extremely focused requirements? An internal search for a niche position can take a year or more. Do you have that time available? Probably not. Aquarius Worldwide, however, does have that time and we have the experience to bring in top talent, no matter what the position may call for. Here are some of the services offered by our executive search firm.

Contingency Search:

Research shows that using an executive search firm is the best way to get results when looking to fill a niche position. In fact, you can have up to 23% more success when utilizing an executive search firm than if you attempt to find a candidate on your own. Our contingency search option uses a range of methods to locate and retain top talent for your organization. Some of these methods include:

♦   Internal Database.
♦   Referrals.
♦   Advertising on a local and regional level.
♦   Direct Recruiting.
♦   Social Media / SEO.

We consider this contingency search to be totally success based and feel it is the best option for our clients who are seeking mid - to - senior level personnel. With this open, billing is done only when your position has been filled by our firm. Organizations are built on great talent and Aquarius Worldwide can provide that for you.

Retained Search:

Are you, perhaps, looking to fill a role with confidentiality? Do you have a niche position that you are having a difficult time filling? You may have a specific requirement needed for your search. If this is the case, the retained search that is offered by our executive search firm will expertly fit those needs. These searches are given priority in terms of the consulting talent that are assigned. Additionally more resources and time can be devoted to the retained search.

Temporary Search:

Another service offered by Aquarius Worldwide is a temporary search. We understand that our clients may need temporary assistance during the year. We also understand that you may want to "try before you buy" when it comes to your staffing options. If you fit into either category, our executive recruiters can fill your open position with a temporary - to- hire employee. Billing for this search is done on a monthly, pro-data basis.

Additional Services:

In addition to the above executive searches, Aquarius Worldwide has a full range of other available searches and services. We are in business to serve our clients and our additional services include:

♦   Consulting - We are able to consult with you on what type of candidate you need for your company as well as offering assistance with the day to day running of your business.

♦   HRIS & HRMS platform.

♦   Compensation & Benefit Assistance - We know that many companies don't have the time or resources to really focus on compensation & benefit analysis. Let us do it for you!

♦   Training & Development Services - Need help with training your employees or keeping them motivated to do more? Aquarius Worldwide would love to assist. We offer services like HR training, competency mapping, assessments, psychometric studies, soft skill training, team building, negotiation training, mentoring training and interpersonal skill training.

♦   Performing Reference Checks - Reference checks are necessary in order to bring the best employees to your team. We are experts in this field.

♦   Corporate Videos - A corporate video can be an amazing marketing tool and a wonderful selling point. Ask us about how we can provide this service for you!

♦   Bulk Hiring - Do you need more than one employee or looking to hire a full team? Aquarius Worldwide has the resources available to do this quickly and easily.

As always, our exceptional search methods and services will always be catered to your needs. Research shows that when an employer negotiates with a job candidate regarding their compensation, 85% of the time they end up paying between 12% and 15% more for that hire, than when an executive search firm finds the candidate. If you want to take advantage of this cost savings and at the same time, have access to the top candidates in the GCC region, contact Aquarius Worldwide at your convenience.



  • Abu Backer
    Lubricant Sales, Oman.

    A very good, informative services. Aquarius got back to me very quickly regardinginterviews and offer letters. A much recommended company in UAE They kept me up to date with all the details leadingup to my offer letter acceptance, visa processing and till joining. Many thanks to them for a great service.