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When Looking for Employment, an Executive Search Firm like Aquarius Worldwide Delivers Results

Aquarius Worldwide is one of the leading executive search firms in the region and we are always seeking top candidates to add to our ranks. We have the experience to place you with some of the most well known and most successful firms in the GCC. We feel that nothing is too challenging and even if you have a unique skill set, we are confident that we can place you in a successful firm. If you have the talent and drive, Aquarius will find the jobs.

Benefits to Working with an Executive Search Firm

The future is now and change is upon us. Do you know how to be competitive with others in your industry? Are you confident that your CV is strong enough to find a good position? Are you a skilled negotiator when it comes to salary? Do you have top notch interview skills? If you answers "No" to any of these questions, you can certainly benefit from the expertise of an executive search firm. Aquarius can take each "No" and turn them into "Yes" when it comes to hiring potential.

In the US, it is estimated that 90 - 95% of companies receive some type of staffing assistance and those practices are spreading worldwide, including to this region. (Source: Time Magazine, 2012) Though not all companies get all of their employees from executive search firms, most firms have gotten assistance in the past. Wouldn't it make sense to have that high level of access to companies all while having a powerful ally on your side? This is exactly what you will get from Aquarius Worldwide.

Get the New Job You Deserve, As Quickly as Possible

On average, it takes approximately 3-5 months for an executive search firm to find work for a candidate. (Source: Business Week, 2012) On the contrary, however, someone who is seeking work on their own can expect the search to take 6-8 months or even longer. Because of our skills and experience, as well as with our connections to some of the most well respected companies in the area, we strive to find work for our candidates as quickly as possible. At Aquarius, it is our goal to match superb candidates with superb positions.

If you have been seeking the job of your dreams and have, thus far, been unsuccessful, working with an executive search firm like Aquarius Worldwide can be the change you need. We are continuously looking for leaders and talented people to fit the myriad of openings that we have available. If you are ready for the next step in your career, contact us by filling out the enquiry form and uploading your CV. We are waiting to hear from you at Aquarius Worldwide.



  • Abu Backer
    Lubricant Sales, Oman.

    A very good, informative services. Aquarius got back to me very quickly regardinginterviews and offer letters. A much recommended company in UAE They kept me up to date with all the details leadingup to my offer letter acceptance, visa processing and till joining. Many thanks to them for a great service.