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A UAE Based Executive Search Firm

The top talent. The most successful businesses. The highest quality services from an Arabian peninsula executive search firm that you can imagine. That is who we work for and this is what we offer at Aquarius Worldwide. With an average increase of 53.4% in 2009 of people looking for work, it can be difficult and time consuming for firms to seek out quality employees of their own. (Source: The Milgram Recruitment Report, 2009)

Our Philosophy

In western astrology, Aquarius is the water bearer and water is symbolic of life. In modern times, if you want to have a good life, you need to have good employment and Aquarius is posed to bring that. For clients, we also bring the life water you need to have a successful business in the form of competent employees. We work with some of the most well known and successful organizations in the area and work with businesses and job seekers in order to find a match that meets the needs of both.

Experience that You Can Count on, Again and Again

At Aquarius Worldwide, we have the extensive experience of working with businesses in all industries. Through this practice we have gained the knowledge needed to know what our clients are looking for and the skill to bring those clients the top talent in the area.

We have all-embracing comprehension of the recruitment needs of a variety of industries, but have worked in most. Some of the niche industries we have exclusively worked with include:

♦   Automation.
♦   Manufacturing.
♦   Packaging.
♦   Machinery.
♦   Flavors and Ingredients.
♦   Automotive.
♦   Real estate.
♦   Banking.

Aquarius has a reputation of being able to fill the openings that others have failed to fill. These are unique positions that have challenging requirements yet again and again, Aquarius has risen to that challenge. Niche or not, we have the talent you are looking for.

We take the Stress and Anxiety Out of Executive Search

It doesn't matter if you are focused on international recruitment or simply for something closer to home, Aquarius Worldwide wants to be the partner you can count on to take the stress out of filling your postings. Statistics show that on average, it takes 3.5 months to recruit a high quality candidate. (Source: ESIS Data, 2012) Do you have the time to spare?

As an executive search firm, Aquarius is able to offer the solutions your company is seeking and our executive search services are top notch. Allow us to offer a range of professional services that include, but are not limited to:

♦   Consulting.
♦   Corporate videos.
♦   Campus hiring.
♦   Bulk hiring.
♦   HRIS / HRMS platforms.
♦   Reference and background checks.
♦   Compensation & Benefits Analysis.
♦   Training & development.

Get Professional Advice from an Experienced Global Recruitment Company

The advice that we offer to our clients is based on the unique needs of those we work with. This method is in place as to ensure that each client gets the best possible value for their HR spending. The average cost of executive recruitment is typically 150% of the offered salary. This means that you want to ensure you are getting the best return on this investment. The use of executive search firms is poised to grow by billions of dollars as employers are beginning to see the great benefits and by 2016, the use of firms is expected to almost double. (Source: Anything Research, 2013)

Allow Aquarius Worldwide to serve as your executive search firm no matter what your industry. We are confident that our skills will be able to bring you prime candidates for any job opening from the most broad requirements to the most narrow. Contact us today and see the difference Aquarius Worldwide can make in your recruitment efforts.



  • Abu Backer
    Lubricant Sales, Oman.

    A very good, informative services. Aquarius got back to me very quickly regardinginterviews and offer letters. A much recommended company in UAE They kept me up to date with all the details leadingup to my offer letter acceptance, visa processing and till joining. Many thanks to them for a great service.