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When Looking for Employment, an Executive Search Firm like Aquarius Worldwide Delivers Results If you have the talent and drive, Aquarius will find the jobs.

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Our Services

Executive Search Services Offered by Aquarius Worldwide. Aquarius Worldwide have the experience to bring in top talent, no matter what the position may call for.

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Our Philosphy

In western astrology, Aquarius is the water bearer and water is symbolic of life. In modern times, if you want to have a good life, you need to have good employment and Aquarius is posed to bring that.

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About Us

Aquarius Worldwide

A UAE Based Executive Search Firm The top talent. The most successful businesses. The highest quality services from an Arabian peninsula executive search firm that you can imagine. That is who we work for and this is what we offer at Aquarius Worldwide. With an average increase of 53.4% in 2009 of people looking for work, it can be difficult and time consuming for firms to seek out quality employees of their own. (Source: The Milgram Recruitment Report, 2009) Experience that You Can Count on, Again and Again At Aquarius Worldwide, we have the extensive experience of working with businesses in all industries. Through this practice we have gained the knowledge needed to know what our clients are looking for and the skill to bring those clients the top talent in the area.

Our Vision :

Aquarius is an opportunity developer & hopes to touch the lives of as many individuals across the world with an opportunity.

Our Mission :

Aquarius aims to develop job search & talent hunting tools in the year 2016 that will revolutionize jobs.

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  • Abu Backer
    Lubricant Sales, Oman.

    A very good, informative services. Aquarius got back to me very quickly regardinginterviews and offer letters. A much recommended company in UAE They kept me up to date with all the details leadingup to my offer letter acceptance, visa processing and till joining. Many thanks to them for a great service.